The Peaceful Family Law Option – Mediation

It’s rare to see someone actually wanting an ugly (or costly) family court battle. While few set out to make their family law cases nasty and expensive, oftentimes the emotional charge that comes with divorce or child custody causes people (and their cases) to spiral out of control. This can result in the extended loss of peace of mind, as well as a slow bleeding of your bank account.


Anger, guilt, resentment, and fear are natural emotions to feel when your relationship is coming apart. You can feel these things and still create a separation, divorce, or child custody process that is peaceful…and in the best interests of everyone involved. This option, the option we call “The Peaceful Family Law Option,” is also known as mediation.


If you can see the financial (and emotional) value in avoiding a long, contested courtroom battle, mediation is for you.


During our mediation sessions, our skilled mediator, Wendy Hernandez, meets with both parties (with or without their lawyers) and works to gain an understanding of the viewpoints of each person. Unless the parties request something different, during the mediation session, they are placed in separate rooms, while the mediator shuttles back and forth, facilitating negotiations. Through her years of experience as a family law attorney and her work as a Judge Pro Tem in the Maricopa County Superior Court, Wendy is able to give parties a balanced, real-life and law-based perspective on their positions and proposed solutions.


By investing your energy in an out-of-court solution, you and the other party have the potential to reach a settlement on every aspect of your case in just one mediation sitting. Even if you find yourself in a situation where you and your ex seem really “far apart”, The Peaceful Family Law Option is still available to you.


It’s a matter of choice and commitment.


If you’re wondering whether mediation is an option you should explore, ask yourself this:


If I could resolve my case quickly, while saving my my money and energy for my family, would I?


If the answer is “yes,” Hernandez Family Law can help.


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