other family law issues

We are a full-service team who can handle other family law issues besides just divorce, custody and child support cases. Not only do we handle the most frequently encountered family law issues, our Lawyers in Phoenix handle mediation, adoption, prenuptials, restraining orders and a wide range of other matters–even those which do not necessarily fall within the realm of Maricopa County Superior Court. Specifically, we can help with the following:

Orders of Protection

There are times when orders of protection are filed in courts of limited jurisdiction such as city court or justice court. There are times when it is appropriate that an order of protection be transferred to Maricopa County Superior Court. Our restraining order lawyers in Phoenix can help whether you are the one who has filed (or wants to file) an order of protection or you are the person against whom an order of protection has been filed.

Injunctions Against Harassment

An injunction against harassment, which is similar to an order of protection, is sometimes initiated in a city court or justice court, as well. We have experience in this area whether the only issue you have is the pending injunction against harassment or the injunction has been filed as part of a pending family law case in Arizona.

Domestic Violence

We have dealt with hundreds of family law cases in which domestic violence is at issue. Not only can we help if you are the victim, but we can help if you have been accused.

Child Abuse

Our attorneys have experience handling cases in which there has been a complaint filed with Child Protective Services (CPS). We will obtain information from CPS about the pending case and advise you as to what effect the complaint could have on your case.

Termination of Parental Rights

In some cases, it might be in a child’s best interest to terminate one or both of the parents’ rights. If this is the case, the dependency proceeding will likely be handled in the Juvenile Court division of Maricopa County Superior Court. We will navigate you through this process regardless of how you are interested in the outcome of the proceedings.


Our Phoenix adoption lawyers can assist with the filing of adoption paperwork in Juvenile Court and navigate you through the system. If you encounter roadblocks in the process, together, we will work through those obstacles in an attempt to achieve the result you desire.

Prenuptial Agreements

Our expert prenuptial agreement lawyers in Phoenix can put a plan into place before (or even after marriage) that will keep you out of the courtroom should a divorce ever occur. If a prenuptial agreement needs to be or is being challenged, we can litigate the matter with and for you.

Divorce Planning

We have relationships with experts and professionals who will work with us to plan for your financial future beyond divorce. Our alliances with these individuals could potentially save you thousands of dollars in the future after your divorce is final, ensuring more financial stability for you.


We can provide you with Phoenix mediation services so you and the other party can retain control over your family’s life. We can also appear as your attorney in the event you intend to resolve your case by way of mediation.