Father’s Rights

We frequently come across fathers who are feeling defeated in their cases for one reason–their belief that Arizona is not a father’s rights state.  Based upon our experience representing fathers in the courtroom, we are here to tell you that this belief is a myth.  Arizona is not a mothers’ rights state.  Nor is it a fathers’ rights state.


Arizona is a Children’s Rights state.


The number one priority for courts is making sure that the best interests of children are considered above anything else.  What this means for you is that there is no bias for or against you whether you are a mother or a father.  All things being equal, mothers and fathers are on the same footing in terms of gaining and retaining rights to their children.


In the past, many judges supported the societal beliefs that mothers should be the primary caretakers of children.  Now, however, there is no presumption that mothers should have primary custody of the children.  While the outcome of your case will depend on your individual circumstances and your particular judge, whether you are a mother or a father, there is hope.  It is possible for you to spend the time you want with your children.

We have represented hundreds of fathers in their quests to maximize their fathers’ rights to and time with their children.  We have advised fathers who did not find out for years that they even had children.  We have represented men whose ex-partners alienated the children from them.  We have taken on cases for men who, for one reason or another, were unable to have relationships with their children for some time, but are suddenly able and willing to do so.


We are ready to handle any challenge that is presented to us, regardless of how bad you think it might be.  We can help you figure it out.  Remember–achieving your goals as far as your children are concerned may not happen as quickly as you wish.  You should look at your family law case as a marathon and not a sprint; if you follow our advice and work hard, with patience and consistency, we can help you move closer to to the finish line.

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