Community Waste During Marriage

We often encounter individuals in the midst of a divorce who suddenly discover the other party has committed community waste during marriage. Usually by expending or hiding a large amount of community funds. It can include money spent in an extra-marital affair. It can also include money spent on drugs or prostitution, and travel that didn’t include family. In many cases, funds have been funneled out of the country. Others have been gambled away or simply spent with nothing to show for it.


Depending upon the nature and amount of these expenditures, you might be entitled to reimbursement. This is appropriate compensation for the other party’s waste of community resources.


In deciding whether to pursue a claim for community waste during marriage, balance the amount you believe you have to gain against how much you will need to invest to prove your case.  The gain will be the amount you believe the other party has wasted. 


Proving community waste could be a document intensive, arduous process. It might  require the involvement of a qualified expert to trace funds and testify in court.


Let Hernandez Law help solve your issues with a partner’s community waste in court.


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