Post-Divorce Modifications

Sometimes it becomes necessary for post-divorce modifications because in life, nothing stays the same.  Children get older, people change jobs and some lose jobs.  Others relocate and some fall ill.  If there has been a significant change such as one of these in your life, it could be time to ask the court for post-divorce modifications for spousal maintenance, child custody, child support or parenting time.


The quickest, most effective way to obtain relief is to ask the other party if he or she will agree to the post-divorce modifications you are seeking.  If the other party will agree to what you are asking for, making that change could be as simple as having the agreement drawn up in a legal format and submitting it to the court.  In that case, you would never have to set foot in a courtroom.


On the other hand, if you are in a situation where you and the other party will be unable to reach agreements about the proposed post-divorce modifications, a lawsuit will have to be filed before a judge can consider your request.  Even before a judge will make the post-divorce modifications, you will have to prove that a substantial and continuing change in circumstances has occurred. 

In other words, you must show that the change is a “big one”, and it must be a change that has been happening (or will continue to happen) for some time. Whether a change is “substantial and continuing” depends entirely on the circumstances of your case.  We have helped hundreds of people apply the facts of their cases to the law to negotiate or litigate successful post-divorce modifications.  We can help you, too.

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