Property Division

The battle over property division is one of the greatest points of contention between divorcing spouses.  Oftentimes, parties fail to reach a reasonable compromise when it comes to this issue, causing them both to lose in the long run.  As is the case with many aspects of family law, whenever parties can reach agreements, the better it is for the both of them.


As a community property state, Arizona has specific rules for determining what property belongs solely to you and what belongs equally to you and your spouse. From 401(k)s, businesses and pension plans to real estate, stocks and furniture, each and every asset or debt that you and your spouse acquired during your marriage is subject to an equitable property division.  Because each party is generally entitled to an equitable share of the property in common (including household items) it does not matter who utilized a particular item the most nor whose name is on the property.  Before you waive your right to any significant community asset or assume responsibility for any major liability, you should know Arizona’s property division laws.

Our attorneys will work hard to get you the items most important to you while still looking out for your overall best interests.   And, depending on the nature of the property that you need divided, we can help formulate creative solutions that maximize your community share. We deal first hand with a variety of different professionals to ensure proper accounting for each and every item of property.

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