Limited Scope Representation

There are times when individuals do not have the resources to take advantage of our full-service representation and request limited scope representation.  If this is the case for you, we can help.  The Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure allow for limited scope representation.  What this means is that we can support you only in the specific aspects of your case where you want our help.


In other words, if you just do not know how to get started, we can prepare initial divorce or custody documents, file them for you and make sure the other party is served.  If you need help filing a petition for temporary orders or a motion, we can draft those documents.  If  a case has been pending and the other party files a motion you need to respond to, we can do the legal research and prepare the response.  If you are afraid to go the first court date alone, we can prepare you and appear with you on that day.


We believe in the value we have to offer individuals in the family law system.  Ideally, we would like help you manageevery aspect of your case.  However, if this is not possible and we are only able to help on a limited scope representation basis, we will provide strategies and ideas to you.  We will send you on your way with a game plan once our job has been completed.  If, after or during the course of our limited scope representation, you decide you want our full service representation, we can help.

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