Be Kind to Yourself

by | Jan 16, 2015 | Newsletter, Wendy Hernandez Blog

Normally, I step into each new year feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to take on the world. This year, I have found myself with a horrible cough I can’t seem to kick, an aching body, the inability to sleep and the feeling of being frazzled and overwhelmed.

Have you ever felt this way?

I thought so.

Last weekend, I finally found the cure for what was ailing me.

On Sunday, I went to a gathering of friends during which each of us created our own personal vision of what we want the coming year to look like. We did this by creating what some people call a Vision Board. If you don’t know what a vision board is, it is essentially a collage of images and words torn from magazines that represent ideas you want to manifest for yourself in the coming months and year.

(Here’s an article on Vision Boards from the artist who lead my Vision Board workshop last weekend. Also, here’s a podcast from almost exactly one year ago today in which I talked with Claudia Azula Altucher about creating vision boards and manifesting your life’s desires.)


The afternoon spent with friends ripping magazine pages, gluing those pages, eating chocolate and drinking wine was just what the doctor ordered. My body had been crying out for time set aside just for ME, to pay attention to my own dreams, hopes and needs. It was so very healing for my soul.

As I created my board, I found myself gluing pictures of women sleeping, taking bubble baths, doing yoga, and breathing in the fresh air. I had pictures of chocolate, of cake, of books and of a person typing on a typewriter. I proudly brought my piece of art home and shared it with my husband. In describing what my board meant to him,  something really became clear to me:

I realized how I have been miserably failing to take care of my own needs for quite some time now.

Are you taking care of yourself?

Are you paying attention to the cries of your soul and to your body’s needs?

I now understand how my months-long illness has been my body trying to tell me “Enough is enough. Stop. You do you for a little while.” Despite being sick, I have continued to attempt to push through with only minor improvement in the way I have been feeling. After having made my Vision Board last week, I made a conscious decision to STOP and re-prioritize.

I have been recalibrating. I can’t stand that my ability to do my “normal stuff has been compromised for a couple of months now. I want to get back to doing things without dragging a** every day.

Before I do that though, I have to deal with first things first: ME.

In the coming year, I am manifesting some amazing things in my life. Some of these things will involve serving and helping others, my life’s passion. I’ve already started to feel the spring in my step again just thinking about it!

Will YOU feel the joy you deserve to have?

What does your vision look like?

Will you be kind to yourself?

I sure as heck will. Want to join me? If so, look for me out for a walk, on a yoga mat or just drinking in some fresh air.

Here’s to more sleep, more bubble baths and (drumroll)…. more chocolate!!

Happy 2015, my friend.

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