Manifesting Your Dreams With Claudia Azula Altucher

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1. Manifesting Your Dreams with Claudia Azula Altucher (3:17)

WARNING: This Hangout on Air is for the brave, the courageous, the open-minded and for the people who want their dreams to come true. We highly recommend you read Claudia’s blog posts which inspired Wendy to ask her to appear as a guest on this episode.


Here are the links:


9 Steps to Create the 2014 You Want Using a Collage


7 No B/S Ways to go From Desire To Manifestation


Claudia’s suggestions in the first post are a great initial step to manifesting the life of your dreams. In the second post, Claudia gives us daily practices to keep us on track in bringing those dreams to life.


Claudia’s Background and Career in Manifestation


Claudia Azula Altucher is a yoga author, instructor and practitioner. Her new book, “The Power of No,” will be released during the summer of 2014 by Hay House. In case you don’t know, Hay House publishes some other, very well known (and wise) authors like Wayne Dyer and Doreen Virtue. (Congrats, Claudia!)


Claudia has caused her own dreams to come to fruition many times. She started her career in manifesting her dreams at 11 or 12 years old when she was a child living outside the U.S. Claudia watched the movie E.T. and was amazed at how people could order pizza over the phone with a credit card. She made her decision right then and there that she would do this for herself someday.


Manifest in Your Own Life by Playing Like a Child!


Claudia swears the method she suggests in her posts works. She believes that getting what you want in life is not about the money, but it is (in part) about expressing yourself creatively. It starts with sitting in silence every single day.


By doing this, you give your nervous system the chance to calm down. By calming down, you become a child again. You start having fun again. You lose track of time.


By beginning your manifestation process with creating a collage, you start having fun. You pick those images to which you are attracted. The collage-creating process can make you realize that you want things you didn’t even know you wanted!


Everyday Tips for Manifesting in Your Life


In terms of the things you want…instead of setting “goals,” focus on “themes” that you want to pursue in your life. A “theme” is something you can do every day. A “goal” is something that will be accomplished at some point in the future.


In creating your collage, you are putting together images that have value for you. By looking at these images every day, your mind is sending forces out into the universe in a way that will bring the opportunities you desire. BUT…you must be in the moment for this to work!


If you aren’t in the moment, you could lose the opportunity when it knocks at your door. The daily practice of silence helps with recognizing an opportunity when it happens. Your breath will help you come back to the present moment.


In manifesting your dreams, there are situations that are very “real world” where things go slowly and follow a process. In the “real world,” there are some people who aren’t so nice (“crappy people” – see Claudia’s blog post on “How to Deal With Crappy People”). You have to figure out how to best deal with those people in your life so your dreams can come true.


Practically, Claudia recommends that in manifesting your dreams, you should be grateful as though your dreams have already happened. In illustrating how this has worked in her own life, Claudia tells the story of how she attracted her husband into her life. She recommends that in manifesting your dreams, you begin to play because when you play, the universe has no choice but to respond.


Play As If It Is! (<–Tweet this Quote!)


So…what if acting “as if” feels ridiculous to you? That is when you go back to being a child. Have fun!


When you feel ridiculous, cast a spell…”Cancel, cancel, cancel!” Focus on canceling out those negative thoughts (of ridiculousness) and instead, focus on the reality you want to create.


Claudia also recommends not showing your collage to others because if you do, you risk people killing your dreams. Sometimes this even can happen with family. When it does happen with family, it is a very difficult situation.


In dealing with a “crappy person,” Claudia recommends you ignore this person. According to Claudia, if you “get in the mud with pigs,” you get dirty, too. When dealing with “crappy people” in her own life, she blocks them (although she does give some people an opportunity). Keep in mind that it is OK to keep those people in your heart and send them love.


So…the bottom line is…


Decide what you want. Play with the universe. Surround yourself with people who say “Do it!”


When it comes to manifesting your dreams, it is important to surrender. According to Claudia, the best way to surrender is to give thanks for what you are requesting (or for something better). The universe will surprise you when you surrender!


Claudia responds to a question from the live audience about whether pretending “as if” is actually “lying.” It’s not lying if you keep it to yourself. Also, be prepared for your dream to come true (or something better).


What you want will come if your request is in alignment with your spiritual development. (Tweet this!)


TIP – In her own life, Claudia took her collage-making one step further and created a whole book devoted to manifesting the mate of her dreams. Each morning, Claudia chanted (and chants) “Om,” the sound of creation, to speed up the process of manifestation. (She learned this from Dr. Wayne Dyer.) You can find Claudia at Sign up for her private newsletter (sent once a month) and receive a free yoga book, as well as a special gift of free yoga.


Claudia asks that you keep in touch and let her know how the manifesting is going!!


You can bet on it, Claudia!

2. Thoughts From the Life Coach (30:45)

Today, James talks about perfectionism. Keep in mind, it is the imperfection in each of our lives that makes us unique! Without imperfection, things would get pretty boring…

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