Wondering How to Make Your Dreams ROCK? Read This.

Why I Do This


As you know, I have been making an effort to take more risks in my life by communicating in ways I never have. One way I do this is by writing these weekly e-mails to you.


I want to share more of who I REALLY am so you understand why it is I do what I do in my life and in my work.


It is also my deepest hope that by revealing my imperfections and the lessons learned from them, you might take away something that helps you know you aren’t alone in life’s struggles.


On top of allowing myself to be more vulnerable in my writing, I am also opening myself up to people I might not otherwise come across. I believe that every individual on this planet has a story to tell in which there is a message of truth, should I choose to recognize and honor it. As a result, not only am I welcoming those who serendipitously cross my daily path, but I am actively seeking out people who intimidate and scare me.

How To Make Your Dreams ROCK
How To Make Your Dreams ROCK

Why search out people who intimidate and scare me?


Because taking risks is essential to the growth of my soul.


How has it been going? Well, some of the people I have reached out to have ignored my requests for connection. On the other hand, I have been shocked at some of the amazing people who have given me their hand once I extended mine.


You are not going to believe who I was just in contact with this weekend.


This past Saturday night, I was lucky enough to be in touch with Aerosmith’s “Demon of Screamin’,” Steven Tyler.


He came to me in a dream.



The Power of Dreams


The dream was one of those that is so vivid, when you wake up, you are still feeling the things you felt in the dream. Have you ever had one of those dreams?


When I woke up, I was hopelessly in love with Steven. I still am. That makes perfect sense because in my dream, he was hopelessly in love with me.


Despite the fact that Steven and I were involved in this relationship in which the feelings of love were mutual, I still felt tortured about my relationship with him. (And FYI-the fact that I am happily married didn’t really fit into the equation of all this. Not sure why, but all I can say to James is “Sorry, sweetie.”)


Steven, who is accurately described as outspoken, flamboyant and a little “Crazy,” was shameless about wanting to express his affection for me. I wanted to receive what he had to give me, but I was afraid. Not afraid of getting my heart broken, but afraid of what other people would think.


In other words, for some reason, I was ashamed that this highly successful, creative and talented musician wanted to love me. I was afraid I would be judged for declaring that he and I were together. Because of this, I acted against the whispers of my own heart and listened to the negative chatter of my brain.


I rejected Steven. And…I woke up feeling depressed and full of regret.



THIS is How to Make Your Dreams ROCK


All day, I have been headachy, sad and trying to figure all of this out. And why Steven Tyler?


After lots of reflecting, an afternoon nap, reading some Wikipedia on Steven and streaming some vintage Aerosmith, I have reached a conclusion I think you might benefit from, too.


Here it is:


Get out of your head and live from your heart.  (Tweet this!)



We Are Here to Live Deeply, Fully and From the Heart


Life is nothing if you’re not living it deeply. You can’t know joy if you haven’t experienced sorrow. Stop playing it safe, and take a chance on something that might bring you happiness. If the worst thing you could imagine actually happened, ask yourself this: “What then?” I am certain that whatever the most horrific scenario might be, you could come up with creative, viable solutions to even the most unwanted “what-ifs.”


I believe that Steven’s purpose in reaching out to me via dream telepathy was to tell me to live more fully, to say what I mean and to do what I feel. Steven, in particular, was put in my path to show me what can happen if a person steps out of his or her comfort zone. The best AND the worst that will happen is that that person will experience “Sweet Emotion.


Isn’t that what we’re all here to do?


You will have your ups. You will have your downs. One thing is for sure, though…life will NEVER be boring. And in the midst of the worst failure, if you live as Steven Tyler has in his own life – from your heart – no matter what…you WILL get “Back in the Saddle.


In the lesser known words of my would-be paramour whose love I will never fully realize, “every life has a measure of sorrow, and that is what awakens us.”



Dream On, My Friend


Sending my wishes for a week in which you “dream until your dreams come true.”

All my best,


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