The Shocking Truth About Diapers and Divorce

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The Shocking Truth About Diapers and Divorce

Cloth diapers have come a long way since my brothers and I were babies.

They come in nifty colors, designs and fabrics. They have these snaps that allow the diaper to grow with the baby. You can “stuff” the diapers with inserts to allow for times when your babe needs a little more absorbency.

Not only are today’s cloth diapers cool, but:

1. They are good for the environment.

2. Babies who use cloth diapers are supposed to get potty trained sooner than babies who don’t.

3. Over the course of your baby’s diaper wearing days, you are supposed to save loads of money over what you would spend in buying disposable diapers.

When Paloma was born, I suddenly decided we needed to start saving money for braces.

And a car.

And college.

The shocking truth about diapers and divorce.

The shocking truth about diapers and divorce.

One day I announced to my unsuspecting husband that the best way for us to save money was to start using cloth diapers.

He rolled his eyes.

He tried to talk me out of it.

He tried to talk me out of it more than once.

It didn’t work.

He gave up and installed a handheld sprayer on our toilet so we could rinse the diapers before throwing them in the wash.

It wasn’t long before I realized I was wrong.

James was right.

[I HATE when that happens!]

Had I thought it through more, I would have realized that saying NO to saving money on diapers would’ve been the best thing I could have done for our sanityduring those foggy infant months:

Every other day, we were washing, stuffing and folding loads of cloth diapers. After several weeks, even after washing, the “clean” diapers started to smell foul. When this happened, we had to “strip” them by washing, re-washing and re-washing them again in boiling hot water with a “special” (expensive) detergent.

In short, cloth diapers were a pain in the ____.

Not only that, but at about 4 or 5 months, Paloma started getting unpredictable on the changing table. She didn’t want to lie on her back. She planked, she kicked her legs, and she screamed. The diaper snaps were impossible to close with all the drama.

The worst part was that caca was flying everywhere!

We had to stop the madness.

When we did, what I found was this:

Disposable Diapers = Less worry for me. Less work for me. More time for me.

Disposable diapers were sooooo worth the money.

And so its the same with saving money during a divorce.

The Right Attorney = Less worry for you. Less work for you. More time for you.

In this week’s Hernandez Family Law blog, we give you 7 Steps to Save Money During a Divorce.

 We focus on an area people frequently overlook when trying to figure out how to save money during a divorce: the initial attorney-client consultation. Even if you are forced to save money during your divorce by not having an attorney, it’s worth your money to consult with one at the front end, and this blog will help.

Check it out and leave us a comment here.

 We’d also love to hear your tips for other people out there who want to Save Money During a Divorce.

Like disposable diapers, many people think the environment would be better off if attorneys weren’t in it.

That could be true about some attorneys:

Picking the wrong attorney could emotionally and financially devastate you for life. Choose your attorney wisely. If you do, when your case gets unpredictable, you’ll be ready when the s*** starts to fly.

Sending you wishes for a week as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

All my best,


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