Strange Reasons for Divorce

by | May 25, 2014 | Divorce, Relationships

Strange Reasons for Divorce

Many states, including Arizona, are no fault divorce states and as a result, couples may list their reason for divorce as having an “irretrievably broken” marriage.  This means that no wrongdoing needs to be shown as a reason for divorce.

Be forewarned, however, just because a person doesn’t need to be specific on the divorce petition doesn’t mean details regarding the cause of divorce will stay hidden.  Details of the circumstances leading up to a divorce can spread quickly,whether it’s through social media, word of mouth, or public record.

As you’d expect, a lot of divorces spring from infidelity or bad life choices.  Sometimes people can’t deal with a grumpy spouse and feel they can’t fix their relationship. Though the prospect of divorce can be uncomfortable to address, sometimes there can be some humor that comes from divorce.

I’ve researched the reasons for divorce in cases around the world. Here are a few highlights from that research into unreasonable relationships.  Hopefully you’ll find some of it funny and maybe you’ll learn a few things to help you in your own relationship.


1. The Book Made Her Crazy! 

One couple divorced after the man became uncomfortable with his wife’s sexual advances. He said she had become more sexually adventurous after reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

What you can learn: Not everyone is comfortable taking their sexual cues from a book that started out as Twilight fan fiction.   If you’re going to spice things up with tips from a book, maybe ease your partner into it by starting a book club with them.  At least then they’ll know why you’re coming at them with a whip.

2.  Your Face Says Cute, But Your Genes Say Ugly

A man in China divorced his wife after discovering she had undergone extensive plastic surgery before marriage.  He first became suspicious after the family dog refused to play with his children.  The same man sued his wife and won the $120,000 lawsuit.

Lesson: If beauty has anything to do with character, the father who divorces and sues his wife over ugly children is hideous.  But…looking at it a different way… that’s the magic of a false pretenses case.

3. Too Clean

A German woman divorced her husband after he insisted on cleaning all the time. It’s one thing to take pride in your home, and it’s another to make people hate you for cleaning.

Admittedly, I don’t keep the cleanest house.  When I get home from work the only things to go in a closet are my shoes, my tie, and my belt.  Everything else is fair game to be left on the floor for an hour or so until I decompress.   Yet, I try to clean consistently before big messes arise. Like anyone, there are aspects of cleaning I overlook until I know I’ll have guests.  What I’m saying is, maybe reconsider thoroughly cleaning every inch of the house until you need to.

Back to the German Lady: As I think about it…instead of divorcing him, she could have just helped him start a home cleaning business.

4. Literally Allergic to You

There have been reports of people getting divorced due to an allergy to their spouse.  As we age, sometimes we become more susceptible to allergy agitators.  It might not be as simple as changing one’s cologne; people can be allergic to a simple touch.  However, if you try to use this excuse, don’t be surprised if your partner requests allergy tests get done.  Really…there’s no need to end a relationship if simple changes in diet or healthcare could help you avoid the split.

5. Forced Dessert Eating 

A woman in China baked her and her husband cake for every meal.  For this…he divorced her.  Not only did he gain considerable weight, but he grew to hate cake. Allegedly, the wife didn’t know how to prepare any other food besides cake.  It can be argued that death by chocolate cake is becoming a legitimate concern in the US, but at least people are choosing their method of demise.

Aside from these, there can be any number of reasons to get a divorce.  You have no need to worry about giving up on your relationship.  At least if you get a divorce, chances are your reasons will be a bit more grounded in the real world.

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