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Is your world turned upside down because you find yourself in a tug-of-war over your children? Are you feeling afraid that you are going to lose the ability to have a say in their lives? Are you worried that your time with them is going to decreased and you are going to be forced to become a Disneyland Mom or Dad?

The unknown is always frightening. So, the first step in calming your fears is getting some facts in front of you and understanding what you are really facing. Once you get some education, you will know what you can do…and what you should do to make sure you get the rights over your children that they deserve.

Read these blogs for a quick head start on getting the knowledge you need about custody, legal decision-making and parenting time.

What factors will the judge be looking at?

Find out about eleven of the things the judge in your case must look at in making a decision about custody.

What if my history isn’t perfect?

Nobody is perfect. However, even if you have past or current drug issues, you still have a fighting chance of being a part of your kids’ lives.

I need a quick-study guide on the most commonly asked FAQs about custody.

Well, I’ve got one for you. Check this post out for the 21 most frequently asked questions about custody (legal decision-making) and parenting time.

I don’t really know what custody or legal decision-making means.

This page will shed some light on how custody and legal decision-making compare.

How about mother’s rights states vs. father’s rights states?

Learn about whose rights a judge is going to be most worried about in your custody case.

My ex and I have a high-conflict relationship.

Get more information about co-parenting in this type of situation.

I want to secretly record my telephone calls with my ex.

Know the laws in your state before you do this. Check this article out for more info.

What will my child support cover?

It is going to depend on the state you live in, but for a good Arizona primer, take a look at this post.

How NOT to mess up your custody case.

In this post, you will learn the top 5 ways not to go wrong when you’re in a custody battle.