The Miracle Cure for All That Ails You

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, in your mind, your life will never be everything you want it to be. YOU will never be everything you think you should be. You will always long to have something more or to be something different. You will always think you could be happier, better-looking, smarter, richer or just…more.


In my own case, I have lived a relatively happy, worry-free and charmed life for nearly 45 years. The good fortune I am able to call mine still hasn’t stopped me from looking for a miracle cure for those things that pain me. Let me share…


As young and pretty and skinny as I was in high school, I still thought I was “fat.” I snuck some of my mother’s Slim Fast diet pills in a fruitless attempt to lose excess pounds. I always strived to be better. In fact, I was so hell-bent on being above average, right next to my full-length poster of Jon Bon Jovi, I hung a sign on my closet that read “Being average scares the hell out of me.”


It did.


And it still does.

As a matter of fact, that yellowed, brittle sign still hangs in my garage and inside my heart.


As I advanced into college, I graduated from diet pills to a miracle pill that was guaranteed make my chest bigger minus the plastic surgery. It didn’t.


Next, I bought an Ab Roller because I just knew that having a six-pack would make up for what I lacked in a cup size. I would never find out, because I would never have Abs of Steel (which was a set of videos I bought when the Ab Roller didn’t work).


The Thigh-Master was an epic fail, too.


Thereafter, in an effort to satisfy myself and give the world the version of me I thought that it wanted, I turned to books, magazines, and videos that told me how to be more confident, more attractive, more witty, more monied and…just more.


As good as my life was, it was exhausting. One day, I got tired, so I gave up trying to be someone other than the person I was. And therein I tapped into what I think just might be the miracle cure.


If you are looking for something more – to be something more – but you don’t know exactly what, here is my version of miracle cure for all that ails you. In order for this to work, you must do these things daily. You must be faithful to them and remember that despite what you or others might think, you are perfect.


1. Spend time with yourself.

One of the things I learned when I first had a baby was that you can’t always be there for your children. There are times when you have to let them be alone – like when they’re falling asleep or having a tantrum, for example. Children need to  learn to self-soothe and “do it on their own.” They can’t learn if they are always relying on you to work things out for them.


The same goes for you. Regardless of your age, there is still a child buried deep inside. You have all the power and the knowledge to do life “on your own.” You can’t learn to self-soothe, however, if you don’t allow yourself the space to know who you really are, what you really want and what you desperately need.


Become your own best friend by learning to be alone.


2. Open your mind to a different possibility.

You have a choice about how to approach a change in your life. Is that change a blessing, or is it a curse? It’s up to you.


I know, I know. You’re a creature of habit. You like things done a certain way. You don’t like change. Who does?


This makes sense because along with change, there usually comes pain. Nobody wants to experience pain, even if the pain amounts to nothing more than being pushed into a situation that is even just slightly uncomfortable. Nobody.


The thing about it is…pain…discomfort…and change…they’re all good for you. If you allow them to, these things have the power to propel you into a situation that is better than the one you’re in. To unleash this power, all you need to do is open your mind and ask “How might this experience ultimately lead to more happiness in my life?”


3. Keep your focus on the happy.

We get dragged through the mud sometimes. It happens. It can be with “our stuff.” Or…we can let other people drag us down into “their stuff.”


It puts a damper on life. If you don’t nip it in the bud, it can devolve into a downward spiral, leading to all kinds of depressing things. Just like you have a choice about how to approach change, you can also choose where to focus your thoughts.


For most of us, our default setting is to focus on the negative, the ugly and the worst case scenario. Just like with your computer, you can change the default. Unlike your computer, however, changing the default requires constant work…for a little while.


When those gloomy, critical thoughts creep in, stop them in their tracks. Don’t go there. Do not allow yourself to think those things from this day forward.


Think about all that is good and happy in your life. And yes…everyone one has something that is good and happy. Remember that you ARE perfect, and so is your life. Know that there is nothing you need to do except just be. Know that everything is unfolding just as it should.


Remember that all at once, you are the miracle, and you have the cure.

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