Menopause – Real Women Really Do Sweat!

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Episode 69

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1. Family Law Tip of The Week

If you have been accused of doing drugs in your custody case and you actually have been using drugs, there is a right way and a wrong way to handle things. Start by being honest about the fact you are using. Next, get the help you need.

2. Real Women Have Hot Flashes – Menopause

Menopause is a topic that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It seems like a lot of people don’t talk menopause. In this episode of The Family Law Insider, Linda talks to us about the physical and mental symptoms of menopause and how to help ourselves

Linda J. Hawkins is a weight loss and lifestyle coach, and the author of “Yes, Real Women” book series. She is certified in educating and promoting people about  living a healthy lifestyle.

Menopause vs. Society

“Whatever society likes, we like.”

One reason menopause isn’t commonly talked about is because old women are identified as having menopause… And women have problems with that. Linda thinks menopause is not accepted by society. Society shuns it and makes woen feel bad about it. 

More Pronounced In U.S.

“Other countries don’t even see it as a problem or as an issue.”

Linda sees menopause as an issue in the U.S. where other countries don’t even see it as a problem or as an issue. People in some countries don’t believe that women should be different as they go through the change of life. Linda learned that the word “menopause” doesn’t even exist in some countries. In fact, the older women in other societies are usually individuals who are considered the wise women, and people go to them instead of shunning them.

It’s Not Something To Be Ashamed Of

“I’m trying to get people to see that it is just a part of life.”

Linda says menopause is actually something to enjoy, and people should celebrate it because there are so many positive things about it. For example – women – think about how women don’t have to worry about their menstrual cycles anymore, and they don’t have to worry about not knowing who they are. There are so many positives and women need to look at the good parts of going through menopause. You’re part of a new society, you’re part of a club now. Enjoy that club!

Phases Of Menopause

“During the perimenopausal state is when you experience all those ungodly symptoms.”

Pre-menopausal stage—This is when women go through menopause early in life, earlier than what’s considered as normal.

Peri-menopause—The normal biological state. It’s when women are starting to decrease the estrogen or progesterone  they make in their body because their menstrual cycle is decreasing, and it is coming to a halt, slowly but surely.

Post-menopause—Menopause means there have been 12 consecutive months of no menstrual cycle. The period after that is post-menopause.

Women still experience the symptoms (e.g. hot flashes) during menopause and post- menopause, but those symptoms have subsided. The symptoms may not be as many and as intense because the hormones are not imbalanced anymore. Women probably have gotten used to it and kind of understand what’s going on with their body by that time.

Natural Remedies

“Anytime that you are trying something new… always talk to your family physician.”

Linda suggests bioidentical hormone replacement, which is where a compound is created that matches the person’s DNA. It gives women the hormones that they need to balance what they no longer are making.

Linda also quotes from her book some natural herbs like Black Cohosh, Flaxseed, Saint John’s Wort, Dongquai, and Valerian Root to help with women go through menopause naturally. Linda recommends for people to try one or the other of the herbs or to try them together.


“What I’m doing is I’m identifying my personal triggers.”

Linda recommends more vegetables and fewer red meats to the diet to help women cope with the symptoms of menopause. Linda avoids spicy foods and food that has high sugar content.


“You’re not the only person that it affects.”

When you’re going through menopause, it affects anybody that you’re going to come in contact with. Talk to your family and let them know what you’re experiencing. Don’t try and hide your emotions because it just makes the situation worse. Understand that this is just the way it is right now, try to be conscious of what you say or do, and make an effort to be kind.

3. Thoughts From the Life Coach

You can learn more about Linda J. Hawkins and her works by checking her website here.

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