Love Your Body and Create the Life of Your Dreams

by | Jan 6, 2015 | Podcast, Wendy Hernandez Blog

Episode 70

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1. Family Law Tip of the Week

If you have a pending custody case, remember to do what is in the best interests of your children, not what other people expect you to do.

2. Love Your Body and Create the Life of Your Dreams

In this episode of The Family Law Insider, Susan Bremer O’Neill talks to us about loving ourselves and loving our bodies to change our lives in the new year.

Susan Bremer O’Neill is the author of the book “From Sex Appeal To Self Appeal: One Woman’s Journey To Recover HER BODY, HER SEXUALITY, HER SELF.” She’s a women’s empowerment coach and a personal fusion consultant.

Love Your Body, Change Your Life

“It starts with our body.”


Our mind has so much to do with how we feel. But how we feel about ourselves lives in our body, and our body is our home. There are many reasons why we don’t feel good about our bodies, and Susan is hoping to offer remedy to some of that.

Internal And External Noise

“Humans have humanness and issues.”

To be fully happy with our body requires completely shutting out all of the external noise, then coming back to our center and who we are. It’s very hard for us to completely shut out all the external noise, and we just work with the internal noise.


External Noise—There are many reasons why we’re not happy with our body. We’ve only been told what a physically perfect body is by the media. But…we don’t know what’s going on in people’s minds.


Internal Noise—Everything that was taught to us is interpreted as we are growing up. No matter what their motivations or influences were, we assimilated to the noise of our parents.

It Starts With Taking Time

“We need to only compare ourselves with ourselves.”


Measuring our external appearance to someone else’s is setting up ourselves to antipathy. Think of our body not merely as something for others to look at. Instead, think of it as an amazing vehicle that we get to live in everyday that does numerous things for ourselves.

Interesting Thought

“We don’t even take that compliment in.”


It is typical for us to be complimented by somebody else, and then we negate it. The people in our lives who really matter don’t see any of these things that we think are flaws. They just see what’s beautiful about us.

The Younger You

“How do you feel about the other piece?”


Susan tells people to be realistic. We may never look like we did 3 years ago, but our wisdom has grown tremendously… So, we don’t need to look like that. It’s more about how we feel in our body and how our body is supporting us. There are ways to try and eliminate aging problems, but that costs money, takes time and energy, and there are more important things to do in the world.

Over Exercising

“A negative habit has to be replaced by a positive habit.”


Pushing yourself beyond the physical pain or exercising when other things need to take priority might be over exercising. Having plenty of health-related resolutions is great, but is that something that you sustain? Susan suggests and promotes starting slowly and starting with one little change. Tune in and listen to what feels good and what hurts—Just be smart!


“Things shift as they should.”


A couple of things happen to people as they get older. They’ll either get more mellow or they’ll get more neurotic. If you’re in the mellow stage, the exercise needs to be a little easier. Things shift as they should.


“Be open and curious.”


If something looks interesting but we’re not sure if it’s right for us, we can ask. Look at a variety of things and mix it up. Research everything and take the time. Find things that resonate with you.

Women And Responsibility

“I have to take care of me, first.”


Pushing yourself with caffeine or energy drinks all the time indicates that you’re overdoing it for others. If we feel like we’re stressed and overwhelmed all the time, we’re not loving our body.


When we start to love our bodies more, our energy vibrations shift. We change and influence those around us because they feel our energy. If we’re more relaxed, they’re more relaxed.

It All Starts With Us

“No matter what you want to change… it really does start with us.”


Things come to us when we’re more relaxed, happy, healthful, and our energy vibrations resonate. We have many resolves inside of us. But if we’re running around trying to please, fix, or be everything to everybody, we won’t get to know what our real answers are.

Guilt On Prioritizing Ourselves

“No one wants to feel guilty; that undermines our health.”


Sometimes we feel guilty by taking care of ourselves first. Susan recommends us to explore the guilt and the reasoning behind it. When you know a little more clearly where the guilt stands and whom it might be impacting, dialogue with that person. Discuss and let them know that when you’re happy, you can be more present. It would be role-modeling good self-care, which is what we want for all of the people we love.


Susan believes that everything can be worked through, but first it has to come out. There are ways to have everyone discuss things and come to ideas that won’t continue to have you feel the guilt.


Learn more about Susan, her book, and her projects here.

3. Thoughts from the Life Coach

This week, James talks about getting an optimism addiction.

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