It's Hard to Love Other People's Kids

I used to feel this way before I had a kid of my own.


Yes, believe it or not, I was one of those impatient, annoyed diners hoping the whiny, noisy kid and his parents would leave the restaurant, leaving me and my husband to enjoy our romantic dinner.


Things changed two years ago when I had a baby.


Now, I am the sweating, stressed out Mom sitting on the floor in the middle of P.F. Changs trying to squelch my toddler’s tantrum.


I am aware that most people probably aren’t loving on me (or her) for ruining their meal.


I am so sorry for my past intolerance. I have more patience for other people’s kids now.

It’s hard to love other people’s kids.
It’s hard to love other people’s kids.

How do you feel about other people’s kids? What if those kids are your spouse’s kids? How do you treat those kids? Do you realize how you treat those kids could cause your spouse to lose (or gain) custody rights related to those kids?


In this week’s blog post from Hernandez Family Law, we talk about Step-Mom Acts that Might Get You a Modification of Custody. While many of the acts on our Top 5 List might seem like common sense, you would be surprised at how many clients are shocked to learn that custody of their children is in jeopardy due to something like child abuse, substance abuse or neglect.


Our blog will help you break it down, self-correct and/or decide whether you need to take action because of the acts of your ex’s new significant other.


As hard as it might be to love other people’s kids, if you love your spouse, treating his or her kids right will go a long way towards future marital bliss in your home.


I’d love to hear your tips and tricks for showing your spouse’s kids that you do love them and you do care.


Thanks for reading. I’m sending you wishes for peace and patience in the face of a mini-me meltdown.


All my best,


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