Forgiving Brad Pitt

For me, the highlight of every week is Friday at noon.  This is when the mailman delivers my People magazine.  I have been a loyal subscriber for nearly 20 years. Most times, I’m so anxious to read the thing, Friday night, I lock myself in the bathroom to “take care of business” (wink) and then read the whole thing from front to back in one “sitting” (wink).


I have been a tabloid junkie since I was 10 or 12.  


Back then, I used to bury my nose in my grandmother’s back issues of The National Enquirer whenever we’d visit her.  I loved reading the exclusive stories about the latest celebrity dogfights, about the most recent inductee into celebrity rehab and about which stars were alien love children. (Did you know Larry Hagman was one?)


Because I have always kept such close tabs on the stars, I pride myself in knowing about the up and comers before the world-at-large does.  In fact, I  was there supporting Brad Pitt when he made his first credited screen appearance in 1987 (Another World).  Yep, I knew back then he was destined for greatness.

Forgiving Brad Pitt

Not only did I love the fact that Brad was gorgeous and talented, but I just could not believe he was a small town boy (Iike I am a small town girl).  My heart swelled with pride as I saw his roles get more serious and him begin to star in films with big name actors like Ricky Schroeder.  One of my proudest moments was when Brad married Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) from the TV sitcom, Friends.


Jennifer had the reputation of being a “good girl”.  (Did you know she was actually nominated for an Oscar for starring in a 2002 movie called “The Good Girl”?)  I identified with her because guys in school had always said I was a “good girl” and, as it turns out, none of them wanted to date me because of that.  On top of us both being “good girls”, I thought Jen and I had a lot of other stuff in common; she was so pretty, sweet and smart, one would be hard pressed to find another person who didn’t adore her (wink).


Before Jennifer, I had always thought being a “good girl” was boring.  In other words, before Jennifer, I thought I was boring.  Jennifer gave me hope that there was a gorgeous, talented “Brad” out there who would see past my boringness and recognize the true gem that I was.


Having said all this, I am certain you can imagine how my world was shattered when Brad and Jen announced their intention to divorce.  Even worse, within a month of the press release, Brad had the nerve to resurface in Kenya with that no good, Oscar winning, blood-vial wearing, tomb-raiding, homewrecking floozy of a woman, Angelina.  How could he? 


I was devastated.  I felt personally betrayed.  I wondered to myself, “Do good girls always finish last?”


Needless to say, in the years to come, I was fit to be tied with Brad.  I could not bring myself to watch any of his movies.  This affected me so much, I felt as though my heart had been knifed when my brother told me he went to see “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” (the movie during which Brad and Angelina fell in love)AND that he enjoyed it.  “How disloyal!” I thought.


For years, my heart ached as I saw Jen in and out of relationships with men who were only shells of the man Brad was before Angelina had brainwashed him.  I raged every time a new People arrived in my mailbox featuring photos of Brad and Angie jetsetting with their two, three, four, and six kids.  I rooted against both of them as they found themselves nominated for future awards even though I knew nothing of their films because I refused to watch them.


Then…something happened.


Jennifer found love again.  She is engaged and planning her wedding.  In her photos, she looks at peace and happy.  It seems as though she has forgiven Brad and accepted Angelina as his partner.


The fact that Jennifer had moved on was a sign that I should move on, too.  I’ve only recently realized I am finally ready.  I just needed a few years to process my feelings.  After all, forgiveness is not something that happens overnight, but something that takes time←—Tweet this.


It’s been a long haul, but I’m finally ready to release Brad from my wrath.  It’s his life, and he can choose who to love.  Angelina makes him happy.  She does things that normal, decent humans do (like speak out for refugees and donate millions to starving children). Above all, she is a good mother.


Are you in a situation where you do not approve of your ex’s new partner?  Do you feel as though you want to protect your children from the influence of the minx of the month?  If so, you cannot miss this week’s Hernandez Family Law blog


on whether you can Stop the Ex’s Partner from Seeing the Kids.  Leave us a comment here and tell us if you know anybody who has forgiven the ex and welcomed the wench for the benefit of the kids.


And…just in case you are wondering — yes, I did find my “Brad”.  He is also from a small town, talented AND gorgeous.  He doesn’t think I’m boring at all.


Sending you wishes for a showstopping week!


All my best,



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