Finding Creativity and Finding Joy

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1. Family Law Tip of the Week

In making decisions about your family law case, remember that YOU are the one who will have to live with those decisions. Don’t let family and friends talk you into doing what THEY would do. At the end of the day, it’s all about you and your family.

2. Finding Creativity and Finding Joy

Creativity is something that everybody has, but something not everybody recognizes. If people could get in touch with their creativity, they could do fantastic things in their lives and elevate themselves to a different level.


Chris Smith used to be an attorney, but is now an author of the book “Reap As You Sew: Spirit at Work in Quiltmaking,” a textile artist, and a creativity coach. In today’s episode of The Family Law Insider, Chris talks with us about creativity and spirituality in our lives and in the work we do.


Spirit At Work


Chris was raised in a certain faith, but left it when she got to college. Her life moved towards becoming an attorney until Chris gave birth to her first child. This experience made her realize there was a yearning deep inside her that needed to be satisfied. As a result, Chris spent a number of years on a spiritual journey.


Chris was re-introduced to her creativity after she volunteered to sew quilts for her daughter’s class for a fundraiser. She realized she had a lot of fun; not only did Chris enjoy being with the kids in the classroom, but she also realized she was having fun making quilts. In this volunteer project, Chris found something that satisfied her heart’s longing: To do something creative that would fill her well.


Chris is a “Go, go, o!” person, and she found what she needed was a slow and quiet activity. “Be still and know that I am God,” time was happening when Chris was quilting. It was like meditation, and her mind would be emptied of all the thinking. During these moments, Chris received insights popping into her mind or solutions to problems that she wasn’t even specifically asking about, but she was living with.


Getting Started


“Creativity can certainly come from many different things.”


One place to start is to take a little bit of time to be quiet. Use your imagination to think about what you loved to do as a kid. A lot of creativity comes from things that we’re born with. There’s some kind of creative source that we’re born with—some kind of a purpose or internal desire. We all are planted with the seeds of creativity from early on.


It’s great to play with children or to observe children. Recognize that we all have an inner child, too. It’s really important that we let our inner child play. It’s good to look at what you enjoyed as a kid, because the creative passions sometimes come from putting together several things that you used to do.


Creativity is not just for women


Chris thinks a lot of men get interested in architecture and building construction, as engineers are pretty creative. Entrepreneurs or negotiators also get pretty creative. Chris also knows attorneys who love writing novels or children’s fiction. There are many areas in which men can get into touch with their creativity.


Creativity Can Change Lives


“There are ways that you can use a creative outlet to serve society.”


There are lots of rewards people can reap as they’re doing things creatively. These rewards can fall into categories of individual and interpersonal, as well as communal benefits. Creativity allows self-expression. Self-expression can be therapeutic in getting stuff out that you need to get out of you, but it can also serve a purpose and a calling.


Creativity is a wonderful way to connect. Whatever your interests are, you can connect to people that share the same passion. Creativity is great for cultivating friendships.


You can learn more about Chris Smith and her book here.

3. Thoughts From the Life Coach

In today’s thoughts, James talks about forgiving yourself and being at peace with where you are right now in your life.

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