Putting the Broken Pieces Back Together

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Episode 68

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1. Family Law Tip of the Week

If you are freaking out because you think your attorney is too friendly with the other attorney, don’t. The better your attorney gets along with the other lawyer, the more likely you are to get more of what you want for less money.

2. Putting the Broken Pieces Back Together

In this episode of The Family Law Insider, Janet talks to us about moving forward and creating the life that you love.

Janet Grace Nelson is the author of the book: “Putting the BROKEN Pieces Back Together… A guide to building a life that’s been shattered!” Janet is a spiritual life coach, speaker, and a teacher.

Where Can You Give?

“It always gives you more when you’re giving.”

We always feel better of ourselves when we are giving. Giving makes you feel as if you’re placing yourself in service, and it shifts your energy. Helping someone else could shift people’s focus from depression… and naturally will make them feel better.

90 – Day Program

“I just stay in the land of solution.”

Janet’s program takes 90 days to have true transformation in a participant’s life. Janet helps people in developing spiritual muscles, changing habits and behaviors that definitely change the results in their lives.

Clarity Is Key

“You almost feel like you’re wobbling, you’re walking on sand.”

Some people navigate through the challenging times of confusion, hurt and uncertainty; they want to be able to move through that time and have somebody hold their hand and heart.

Janet helps people find a place of peace while they’re going through the challenging times: Starting from where they are and with what they know, then continue to build to help get clarity, confidence and concrete visions for where they would love to take their lives.

Freedom, Fulfillment, and Fun

“It’s their sense of fulfillment. Their sense of freedom.”

While going through transitional times in our lives, something could be very enticing, which we start working on as specific ideas or ideals. Then we dig deeper into ourselves and have conscious conversations about what our life would look like if that were our reality.

“Whatever we’re engaged in, we’re just not finding the fun in it.”

We, as adults, take everything so seriously, but that’s really not the point in life. We’re not supposed to be so consumed by what we’re trying to achieve that we’re not just enjoying life.

Fun Amidst The War Of The Roses

“Life isn’t entirely made up of… fun, but you have to take those incremental times.”

Janet suggests making a list of things that bring you joy. When going through challenging times and you’re not feeling good, bring that joy list out, intentionally pick one thing and participate in it.

Freedom In Financial Hardship

“… The children who have nothing. That is such a great teacher for us.”

If we look at the things that we have in our life with the sense of true gratitude, we know that we can choose to do any type of employment that will bring us a sense of participating in this journey of life.

We all have so much to be grateful for, no matter where we are in life. When we use gratitude as a practice, we can see how much we truly have, that then gives us the strength to move forward and look at the different ways that we can continue to build on that as a foundation.

7 Steps To Living A Courageous Life Now

A = Accepting the situation that we’re in.

B = Believing in yourself and what you’re capable of.

C = Clarity and Confidence to move forward.

D = Deciding on a dream.

E = Empowering yourself.

F = Forgiveness opens you up to a deeper dimension of yourself.

G = Gratitude is the great multiplier.

Gratitude Practice

“We have so much.”

Think of 3 things that you’re grateful for every morning. Embody them and allow yourself to feel the things that you have in life. You have so much more than you are even aware of in this moment.

The universe will bring to us all sorts of things to help us remember all that we have and to assist us in remembering all that we have to be grateful for. As we focus our attention to what we do have, the universe will match that, multiply it, and then bring to us even more to be grateful for.

Janet’s Advice

As we’re coming to the close of this beautiful year that also had its challenges, we go on this beautiful journey, this roller coaster of life. We want to get to that place where the rollercoaster is kind of a smoother ride, but we have to be able to look at these challenging times as great teachers for us to help us to dig deeper, to know ourselves, as strong, courageous, brave, free, beings.

Each one of us could think about a challenging time. It has helped you to get in touch with a part of you that you’ve not had an opportunity to really know before. Let yourself count that as a blessing in your life. At times we’re going through, challenges don’t look like blessings, but it’s about us shifting our focus and really looking at those blessings.

Janet offers a free break free session through her website that is laser focused for each person to help them to create a 2015 that is their best year yet.

3. Thoughts From the Life Coach

We are here on this planet to be happy. How can you be more happy on a daily basis? Have more fun!

That is the topic of today’s thoughts from James.


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