Becoming a Hero Using Only Your View-Part II

We all have opportunities to be “everyday heroes.”


Not because we need the title, but because we are on this planet, so we should make the most of it. It’s the simple deeds that make life better.


There is only one thing that can keep you from becoming a hero, and the one thing is yourself. I challenge you to choose the positive view and choose to be an everyday hero.


When you wake up in the morning, say to yourself, “I will keep an open eye for the chance to be a hero.” Please understand I’m not talking about rescuing someone from a burning building or foiling a bank robbery.


I’m not challenging you to put yourself in harm’s way, either. I’m talking about simple opportunities to make someone’s day.

You can become an everyday hero very easily.
You can become an everyday hero very easily.

Perhaps along your daily commute, you recognize the same homeless person you’d normally turn away from, but this time turn towards him and ask how he doing or offer him a buck. Maybe you could buy a coffee for the next person in line or tell a hardworking cashier to keep the change. The little stuff adds up!  I’ve found just the interaction with others alone to be a better pick-me-up than the coffee!


If you can’t spare the change and are sticking to a strict budget, by all means stick to it, but instead offer a word of encouragement or just hold a door for someone in a hurry. Offer to help carry something or let another driver out during a traffic jam. Give good kharma a chance! Deposit some credits into your “good deeds account”.


I’m willing to bet we all have more chances than we can count everyday to do something heroic, we just don’t notice. Why? Maybe it’s our view. Maybe it’s because we are too enveloped in our own existence to notice the world around us. Maybe we feel like we just need to get through the day without adding to the fires of our own daily grind.


Here is a simple way to change your life; become a smile hero. (<–Tweet this!)  Instead of staring down or away from potential eye contact, look to make eye contact with someone and just smile. What’s the worst that can happen? You just might save a life.


You might be the hero that keeps someone from doing something terrible with just a smile. I’m not going to paint the picture, but I think you know what I’m talking about. There are so many possibilities for you to “save” lives every day.


It won’t cost you a dime. It won’t take up all of your valuable time. In fact, you may never truly know the value of your kind act, but I promise you this, it will change your life. You will see more and more opportunities to become an everyday hero. I challenge you to be brave and seize the moment.


Smile, you’ll make somebody else’s view a whole lot better.   (<–Tweet this, too!)

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