5 Easy Steps For Fixing Women Drivers

Are Women Drivers Really THAT Bad?


Why do people hate women drivers so much? Are we really that bad? As a woman who also happens to drive, I’d like to say “no.”


Unfortunately, in pondering this dilemma, I have been thinking about some things that have me pretty darn close to believing that women really are the inferior sex when it comes to taking control of the wheel. As a problem solver who hates being average when it comes to doing anything, I want to fix this very serious threat to our gender security.


In today’s post (that is intended for EVERYONE, men and women alike), I am going to tell you how we can revolutionize the way women drive.

5 Easy Steps for Fixing Women Drivers
5 Easy Steps for Fixing Women Drivers

Before I lose all you women out there though, as a lawyer who is required to rely upon real evidence to prove the truth of an allegation, let me tell you exactly what it is that has me almost convinced that men are right and we women are crap drivers:


My husband always insists on being behind the wheel when we are going somewhere together. WHY? I mean… really. Sometimes he literally wrestles the keys to MY car away from me when we are headed out. It is a macho control thing or is it a “Wendy is a woman driver thing”?


And WHEN James and I are going somewhere together (with him driving of course), there is rarely a trip where someone isn’t going too fast, too slow or cutting him off. We can’t take a trip around the block without him uttering some sort of epithet about the “woman” who is in the middle lane not going the speed limit or who pulled out in front of him only going 10 mph or who nearly came to a complete stop in front of him before taking a right turn on Camelback Road during rush hour. WHAT is really interesting about each of these scenarios, however, is my realization as we speed past the offending driver, 10 out of 10 times, the person actually IS a woman.


What’s up with that?


And finally…WHO ever thought there would come a time or place WHERE it would be OK for my younger baby brother with much less driving experience to call me out on how I was backing up out of my own driveway? Seriously. Just because my SUV has a back up camera doesn’t mean I have or want to use it. As you may already know, adapting to change is not my forte, and I prefer to do my backing up old school style.


All of this has been making me lose sleep at night. We need to change it. I have some solutions.


Not only will these suggestions fix how women drivers operate vehicles, but they actually can be applied to other areas of ALL of our lives:



1. Go with the flow.


Early in my career, I used to prosecute people in local justice courts when they had been given civil traffic tickets by DPS officers. Believe it or not, not only do people get themselves into trouble for speeding, but they also get into hot water for impeding the flow of traffic by going too slowly.


Be aware of what is happening around you. Adjust your speed so you can go “with the flow.” If something unexpected happens in the roadway of life, don’t try to force the situation. Sometimes accidents happen because we need to slow down (or stop).



2. When there is a fork in the road, be committed to your decision about which way you will turn. (Tweet!)


If you are going to make a left hand turn with a car approaching in the opposite direction, GO! Don’t start to go, then stop or slow down mid turn. This puts you in a compromising position, not to mention how it affects the other driver.


The same goes for your decisions about how you are living your life. Once you decide to quit that job or end that relationship, GO! Do it and don’t look back. Looking back will only cause you to doubt yourself which ultimately slows you down. By focusing on the decision you’ve made and doing your best to make it work out, you will keep the momentum going toward your goal, increasing your chances for success.



3. Use your signals.


In other words, communicate with other people when it is important. Use your blinker or your hand signals. Give people a heads up about what you want to do or where you are going.


Not saying your piece or stating your intention will get you rear ended. Believe me, I know.


Let me give you a real life and practical example of how failing to communicate can explode in your face: Sometimes I have made plans to go to lunch or dinner with a friend. Thinking that my husband will object, there are times when I wait until 30 minutes before the meeting is going to happen to tell him. That usually doesn’t go over so well, especially when he has made plans of his own. In having blow outs over this situation, I have realized is that the real problem is NOT what I plan to do, but the fact that I didn’t communicate what I intended to do in the first place.


I could go on and on about how failing to communicate might get you in trouble. You already know this. If you have something to say, say it. Use your signals.



4. Be completely present.


One of the biggest things that leads to vehicular accidents is divided attention. In other words, you are more likely to get yourself into a compromising situation by playing with the radio, texting, or talking on the phone while driving. When you are driving, focus on driving. Be aware of what is happening around you.


The same goes for living in general. Believe it or not, you can improve your level of life satisfaction by focusing on what is happening right now. Nothing destroys a mood faster than too much worrying about the past or the future. There is something in your life at this moment for which you can be thankful.


Look at the people you love in the eyes and breathe in everything you love about them. Say a prayer for their health, happiness and safety. Tell them how you feel about them. Do it today.



5. When possible, utilize advanced technology in getting you where you want to go.


Those GPS and back up camera systems that are widely available in this day and age? Lifesavers! You can trust them, and because of that, you should put them to use often.


You and I are also equipped with the most advanced technology system ever invented — our intuition. (Another tweetable!) Trust your instincts and have faith in your own opinions. Don’t make the mistake of acting against everything your gut is telling you only to regret it later. Listen to your heart and follow it’s desires.


Ladies (and gents)…let my 5 Easy Steps also be a reminder of how you should conduct yourself on the roadway of life. Just like on the freeway, things move fast, and you never know when the road might get bumpy. Don’t hesitate to move full speed ahead, but always proceed with caution. I just know that by keeping with the basics I’ve listed above, during your lifetime, you will have fewer accidents, more enjoyment and considerably less instances of being cursed by that cranky driver who is on your A$$.


Sending you my wishes for a week in which you keep on motoring!


All my best,


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