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1. Family Law Tip of the Week

If you want to increase the chances of getting what you want in your case with the help of your attorney, first you have to know exactly what it is you want. Get clear on your wants and desires and communicate them to your lawyer!

2. Women Entrepreneur Revolution: Ready! Set! Launch!

Jenn Aubert is a mom, an entrepreneur, and an acupuncturist who used to be in a corporate world. During today’s episode of The Family Law Insider, Jenn talks about her book that  contains the secrets of successful women entrepreneurs and what made them who they are.


10 years of working in the corporate world was glamorous for Jenn. However, over time, she realized it wasn’t for her. A single acupuncture session changed her life; she realized she wanted to trade in her heels for flip-flops!


Jenn believes in having a whole stable of role models. With a stable, you can look at certain people for values and others for very specific skills. To Jenn, it doesn’t have to be “only Oprah” or “only Steve Jobs” or “only Mark Zuckerberg.” It is pulling a bit from everyone, even people who are perhaps a few steps ahead, that helps us figure out how to be the best person we can.


In writing Women Entrepreneur Revolution: Ready! Set! Launch! Jenn interviewed over a hundred women entrepreneurs. In this research, she established 5 characteristics that are common among them and that helped lead them to success in business.




Get out of your own way.


Face your fears and remember everyone has them. Look at your fears, recognize them, name them, and keep going. Don’t let fears stop you. This revelation (of successful female entrepreneurs) made Jenn see how other women entrepreneurs were making the mistake of letting fears stop them. From taking the next step to taking bigger risks to being more bold, fear will be there. Use those fears as fuel to propel you into action.




Know what your “whys” are.


Successful women entrepreneurs know what the “why” is in their work and what the “whys” in their life are. Successful women entrepreneurs have very clear and concrete answers about the “why”, and it isn’t about money, status, fame, or power (which is what people expect to hear). These women have a purpose, and they know what that purpose is. They have meaning in their lives and they want their work to impact others.




Ask for help.


Successful women are not shy. Not only in the work field, but they aren’t shy to ask for help out in the “real” world. When needed, successful women ask for introductions to other people and ask for help at home. Get help earlier than later and when asking, think to yourself, “If the tables were turned, would it really be an imposition?”


Have an idea and take action. One of the key factors that Jenn got from her interviews was that these successful women took action. They didn’t have to take all the action in one day; they continued to take a little action every day. Something that Jenn learned from these conversations was that a lot of times, action creates clarity.


“Just get out and do it. If it doesn’t work out, then do something else, or try a different direction, or pivot. What matters is the action piece.”




It is tricky when you have a solo business and you’re not really necessarily connected to a wider network. It can be very difficult to find mentors. What Jenn has learned and heard from some of the women that she interviewed is this: If you just start by following women online (through Twitter or Facebook or somewhere else), you can really engage these women in some way. Retweet their information, comment on their work, ask them really interesting questions, and do whatever you can to help promote them. You don’t necessarily need to go straight to personal and ask someone to be your mentor.


Jenn concludes, “It’s just like dating or a relationship. You have to start slowly and start building a relationship. Ask really smart questions… Maybe just one question (because you have to be really respectful of people’s time). Sometimes if you do have something that speaks to them or a question that really resonates with them, they might answer, and you can develop a relationship from there.”




Learn to say, “No.” One of Jenn’s questions in her interviews was, “How are you able to do so much when you’re getting the same hours in a day as others do?” These women are really good at saying “no” to things that do not fit into where they’re going. They have their personal missions, they have their professional missions, and if something just does not fit in, they say “no.” When you start to say, “no” to things, you will start to say, “yes” to yourself. There will be certain areas that are going to be impacted, but instead of worrying about it and stressing about it and trying to do it all, just decide on things and let go.


Jenn also discovered from her interviews that a lot of these women don’t sleep much. Sleep is what they’re sacrificing in life. Not that Jenn is promoting that, but to her, there’s no surprise that these women are able to do and accomplish so much.


You can find Jenn at jennaubert.com, and her book is available on the website, as well as here.


Special thanks to Crystal Ponti of The Blue Lobster Book Co. at bluelobsterbookco.com for creating this amazing opportunity for The Family Law Insider!

3. Thoughts From the Life Coach

In today’s thoughts, James talks about raging and rampaging.

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