The Top 5 Ways To Screw Up Your Custody Case


The Top 5 Ways to Screw Up Your Custody Case could save you from making a critical mistake if you want to maximize your rights when it comes to your kids.


No parent is perfect.  


Judges know this.  


There are many mistakes that judges will overlook because they really do believe a child’s life is enhanced if both parents are involved.


This list represents the most-frequently made mistakes by parties in the midst of their legal battles.  


While this is not all inclusive, it is important.  


If you steer clear of the items on our list, you will keep yourself on the right track towards a winning case.

The Top 5 Ways to Screw Up Your Custody Case


1.  Head to St. Lou with the Boo – Do not move the children outside the metropolitan area, county or state without permission of the other parent or the judge.  If you do, at best, the judge may order you to bring the children back.  At worst, you could lose custody if the court finds you have failed to act in your children’s best interests by not consulting with the other parent regarding major decisions.


2.  Make Him Pay to Play – To the surprise of many, in Arizona, the non-custodial parent’s right to exercise parenting time with the children is not linked to his or her payment of child support.  If your ex is a deadbeat mom or dad, there are other ways (besides withholding the child) to force him or her to pay child support.  If you do withhold the child, the court could find you are the parent least likely to encourage frequent and meaningful contact between the child and the other parent. This would be a strike against you in the custody battle.

3.  Ditching the Debt to Your Daughter – On the other hand, not paying your child support is not going to win you any points with the court, either.  Child support is an obligation.  Failure to pay it is a violation of a court order.  If you are able to pay it and do not, a judge could find that you are in contempt of court.  A finding of contempt is one factor that could tip the scales in your ex’s favor.


4.  Coaching Your Cubs – I’m not talking about coaching soccer, and I’m not talking about being a Cub Scout leader here.  I am talking about coaching your kids to say bad things about the other parent or coaching your kids to say what it is that YOU want for them.  If you think there is no way the judge will ever find out, you are running the risk of being wrong.  If you are wrong, the punishment will be swift and severe and could result in you losing custody.


5.  Trash Talk To the Kids – You don’t like your soon-to-be ex.  That is why you are getting a divorce.  I get it.


Your kids do not need be reminded every day if your ex is a druggie, cheated on you, or is a worthless dirtbag.  Children do not need to be exposed to negative comments about either parent.  There will come a time, someday, when they will be ready and able to handle the hard, cold truth.  Judges make no bones about punishing parents for talking badly about each other to the children.  If you are trash talking to the children, keep on doing it if you want to screw up your custody case.


The Top 5 Ways To Screw Up Your Custody Case will keep in front of the 8 ball. Heed our words to the wise.  Behave yourself.  Do right for your kids.  It will save you and it will save them from having to live without you.

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