The Hidden Mystery Behind Selfish Behavior

Selfish = Good


Selfish people get a bad rap. Being selfish is not bad. It’s good.


Today, we are going to explore WHY engaging in purely selfish behavior is vital to your well-being. ESPECIALLY if you are one of the 10 people I describe in the list below:


1. You are single.
2. You are married.
3. You are divorced.
4. You have children.
5. You have siblings.
6. You have parents.
7. You have a job.
8. You are retired.
9. You are on disability.
10. You are reading this post.

The Hidden Mystery Behind Selfish Behavior
The Hidden Mystery Behind Selfish Behavior

I know from experience that being selfish is absolutely essential to my mental, emotional and physical well-being. In fact, I wouldn’t be where I am in life at the moment but for my selfish behavior. I fully endorse engaging in purely selfish behavior at least one time per day.


I must do this or I just might die.


Same goes for you.



Why Be Selfish?


In order to be selfless, you must be selfish. (Tweet this!)


Maintaining your well-being is about more than just exercising, eating the right foods and getting enough sleep. It is also about feeding your spirit with the things that nourish it. It is about telling people “no” sometimes. It is about following the yearnings of your soul. It is about doing something for yourself every single day that makes you happy.


Before you can take care of other people and things, you must take care of yourself. End of story.



Signs That It Is Time To Get Selfish


If you are feeling like you are on your last nerve and about to blow a gasket at the next person who crosses you, stop. Be selfish.


Are you having one of those days when you want to shut the world off, head to bed and cry? Engage in some selfish behavior, baby!


Next time you wake up feeling “unwell” (even though you aren’t coughing, feverish or headachey), call in “selfish.”


If you are edgy, cranky and short with the people you care about most, time to get selfish, partner.





Getting selfish is more than about participating in self-nurturing behavior just for the helluva it. It is about giving yourself what you need to start re-fueling that emotional gas tank. Before you start acting with selfish recklessness, get quiet and ask yourself this:


“What do I really need right now? “


Stay quiet. Listen… Listen… Got it?


GO. Act selfishly. It’s good for you. And whether they know it or not, it’s good for everyone in your life.



Selfish Behavior Suggestions


AND…as an added BONUS to this post, since I am such an expert on this topic, here is a list of my very favorite selfish behaviors (in case you want to borrow a few):


1. Just say “no.”
2. Get a massage.
3. Put your phone on airplane mode.
4. Sleep in.
5. Take a nap.
6. Take yourself to breakfast, lunch or dinner.
7. Work in your garden.
8. Get a massage.
9. During your lunch hour, go window shopping at a nearby outdoor mall or plaza.
10. Take a coffee break, but take it out of the office at a real coffee shop!
11. Wake up 15 minutes earlier than normal and give yourself some “quiet” time.
12. Take a selfie, but don’t share it.
13. Write down your innermost feelings.
14. Get a massage.
15. Get down on the floor and play with a child.
16. Take a bath.
17. Light some candles, put on some music and read a good book.
18. Buy yourself flowers.
19. Order an appetizer or dessert.
20. Spend 10 minutes meditating or praying every day.
21. Get some exercise.
22. Buy a new lipstick.
23. Take a road trip.
24. Cuddle with someone you love.
25. And finally, my favorite…get a massage.


Sending you my wishes for a week in which you engage in some seriously self-indulgent schemes!


All my best,


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