The Greatest Shampoo Discovery Ever

This past week, my husband was out of town, so I got a little taste of what it is like to be a “single” mom.


Me no likey.


After a week of juggling child care, work obligations, and unexpected random happenings, I am exhausted. I have a newfound respect for the single moms and dads who manage it all and make it look effortless.


You guys rock.


During the week, I discovered the biggest things that sent me into a tailspin were actually the littlest things:


Running out of Sparkletts bottled water at home. (What…drink water out of the faucet?!)


Running out of deodorant. (Thank GOD for my husband’s spare Degree lurking in the corner of the medicine cabinet.)

The greatest shampoo discovery ever.

Running out of all ice cream in the house. (It’s my drug o’ choice.)


The biggest issue for me, though, was running out of SHAMPOO.


Yep, shampoo.


Let me explain.  I am a Leo. Us Leos are kind, generous, and loyal. We can also be melodramatic, domineering and pretentious. That is all me, the good AND the bad.


Most of all, though, like the great lions in the wild, to me, my mane is a symbol of my POWER. If I am having a good hair day, you can be sure I feel happy and in control. If my hair is all screwed up, so am I. Thus, the importance of shampoo TO ME.


The thing you have to realize about shampoo, though, is this: if the step-mom in your kid’s life is NOT using YOUR shampoo of choice on YOUR kids while at your ex’s house, the court JUST WON’T CARE. I’ve had this issue come up before.




Choice of shampoo is an example of one of the Step-Mom Acts That WON’T Get You a Modification of Custody. To read our Top 5 List of things that will not get you a modification of custody, check out Hernandez Family Law’s weekly blog.


Don’t get me wrong. I realize there may be real disputes over shampoo, nail polish and pizza rolls, but the parent, step-mom and mom should figure it out like adults without going to court. Save your money, because it just isn’t worth the wasted energy.


If you are a step-mom or have a step-mom in your life, what suggestions do you have for dealing with conflicts that could arise over food choices, shampoo, “dirty” looks, and so on? Leave a comment on our blog. We’d love to hear from you on this topic.


Running out of my rosemary mint shampoo mucked things up a little. I really felt “off” this week. I am certain it was because I had to resort to using my daughter’s Baby Magic on my hair.


Last night, I had a hankering for ice cream. We all walked to Walgreens so I could pick up a pint.


This morning as I got into the warm shower, I remembered I forgot to pick up deodorant.


I also realized I forgot to buy (drumroll here). . . SHAMPOO!




Thanks for reading again. Sending you wishes for a week that is tear and tangle-free!


 All my best,


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