Phoenix’s Best Places to Eat Your Feelings

The legal system, especially when dealing with divorce, is exhausting.  It’s hard for anyone to deal with the stress that comes from a case regardless of whether you’re a client or a lawyer.  


That doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to deal with the stress.  Sometimes we exercise, and other times, we complain to friends.


For many people (including myself), the best way to cope with really bad stress is to get something delicious and eat your feelings.


During my time studying for the bar exam, I became somewhat of a Phoenix food enthusiast.  Some people might be quick to say I’m a “foodie”.  I disagree with that label for two reasons. First, I think it  presumes I know more about food than I do, and secondly, I didn’t go to “trendy” places to savor exquisite flavors.


I went to indulge and escape.


I’m not advocating overeating, but sometimes life gets to a point where you just have to have a cookie.

I’ve put together a short list of local restaurants and bakeries that helped me get through the bar exam and my post-bar exam whirlwind that has turned into real life.  If you find yourself in the area of any of these shops, trust me, you’re going to thank yourself for stopping in.



Urban Cookies


I found this shop one day while walking around 7th street during my first year of law school.  Since then, each time I go in, I get at least a dark chocolate walnut cookie. If you don’t like chocolate or walnuts…never fear. They have SO much more.


Urban Cookies won The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, which, I assume, is a show where bakers battle by launching freshly baked cupcakes at their opponents. Unlike most cupcakes, these guys don’t try to induce a diabetic coma with excess frosting. Every item they offer has thought and expert care put behind it.  Back in “the day,” I’d go in for a cookie and leave with a box full of cookies and cupcakes.


Luckily, I was smart enough to tell my wife I got them for her a gift.



Essence Bakery


Sure this place is trendy.  And, full disclosure, I applied there after taking the bar exam to get interview experience.  I didn’t follow up when they offered a second interview (if the nice people from Essence are reading this, sorry I hope my subsequent purchases have made up for it). All joking aside, this place is amazing.


If you’re looking for breakfast and brunch and you can get in before the rush, it’s one of the best breakfast places in Phoenix.  And, for those of you who are just looking for a sugar fix, you can order their macarons online.  They’ll even ship them to you if you don’t want to pick them up in the bakery.



Bosa Donuts


Unlike the other two shops on the list, Bosa Donuts is the type of place you find yourself pulling up to at 2 a.m., in the back seat of a taxi, while en route to passing out on your couch. That’s a very similar situation to the one I found myself in the first time I stopped by.  It was the end of the night following a particularly difficult day of studying, and I was tired of worrying.


Each of the people I was with had a specific donut in mind that they thought they wanted to eat.  Unfortunately, when we started to order, the employee informed us they only had bearclaws available.  Because it was late, and we didn’t want to wait for any other options, we got a bag and enjoyed the best bearclaws ever.


With multiple locations, this is the primary place I’d turn to the next time I have a need for a donut fix.   They also get extra points for having a website that hasn’t changed since 2004.


If you’re taking the bar exam this week or if your family stress gets to be too much, take a second and relax.  If that doesn’t work, go get a calorie dense baked good.


Trust me it helps.

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