Confessions of a Mouthbreather

I have a confession to make.


I am a mouthbreather.


If you don’t know what a mouthbreather is, the Urban Dictionary defines one as this:


Anyone who you see with their mouth wide open, like a booger has clogged their nasal orifice. They just look like they’re dumb, doing everything with their mouth open, with no care in the world.


Yep, I’ve been one of these people for almost as long as I can remember.

Learning to breathe again.
Learning to breathe again.

Although I never really knew WHY I was a mouthbreather, I DO know there are many times when it makes life pretty difficult: cold, allergy and flu seasons (or pretty much every part of the year).


You see, when I can’t move air through my lungs OR my nose, there’s not really any way for me to breathe.


Why not go see a doctor, you ask?


It was a conscious CHOICE I made way back:


When I began practicing yoga nearly 15 years ago, I developed a belief that I could heal my own body through breathing and meditation. I still hold this belief.  Because of my belief, however, I have felt for many years that by going to any type of doctor to cure my ailments, I would be out of alignment with my belief.


That didn’t feel good to me.


The unfortunate thing is that my inability to breathe hasn’t felt good, either.


This year’s pollen count has been worse than normal.


For the first time in my life, I’ve had a hard time finishing my workouts.  My breath has been shallow.  I wheeze.  My chest rattles.  I have pressure headaches.  I can’t sleep.   


I have been suffering.


My husband finally talked me into seeing a specialist.  Yes, he was tired of my snoring, sleep slobbering and worse-than-normal morning breath. More than anything though, I think he was seriously worried.


Last Monday, I met the ear, nose and throat specialist for the first time.  He has a wicked sense of humor.  His wit served him well during our visit because of this:


I really wanted to punch him after he jammed two seven inch anesthesia soaked sticks up my nostrils so he could THEN cram a telescope up there.


Anyhow…he made an interesting discovery during the appointment.


He found a bone that had been broken inside my nose many years ago.  Because the break was never addressed, the cartilage had grown over my nasal passages, blocking the air from flowing!


A simple outpatient surgery will correct the problem.


The CHOICE is mine.


Depending on the CHOICE I make, my life could drastically change.


So, how does this relate to family law, you ask? 


It relates because the CHOICES YOU MAKE during YOUR divorce will largely dictate how YOUR life will change after the court case is over.


I know, I know.  Divorces are difficult.  They make people behave in ways that are out of character.


Take it from someone who knows:


You might be one heck of a fantastic person, but if you CHOOSE to behave like a loser during your divorce, it really increases the chances that you WILL end up being the “loser” in the case.


In this week’s Hernandez Family Law blog, How Not to Be a Loser During Your Divorce, I share 5 tips about how NOT to behave during your case.  Leave us a comment here and tell us how you are going to behave during your divorce so you can be a WINNER.  If you’re not going through a divorce, but know someone who is, pass along this post to them–they will thank you. 


As for me, I will have the surgery. I need to be able to breathe, because I want to play hard. When I play, I’m in it to WIN it. Today, I CHOOSE to end my own suffering.


WILL YOU CHOOSE the same for your life?


Sending you wishes for a winning week!


All my best,


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