Why “Breaking Bad” in a Relationship Could Be the “Last Episode”

I have done something I’m not proud to admit. I’m about to reveal it here. Please don’t judge.


I cheated on my husband.


This past weekend, he caught me. Because it was only one time during our four year marriage, he has agreed to forgive me. Despite my promises never to do it again, I seriously doubt he trusts me as he did before.


Who can blame him, right?


Anyone who knows me knows I’m a “good girl.” Anyone who knows my husband knows he is a good-hearted protector and provider. His desire to make me and our child feel happy and safe is what drives his existence.


I could want for nothing more in a husband and father. I love him with all my heart, and I would be devastated if I ever lost James.


Having heard these things, I am sure you are wondering, “WHY would she cheat, then?”


Today, I’m going to tell you.

To help you understand what would make me cheat though, first we have to talk about “Breaking Bad.” The show, that is. Have you seen it?


If not, lemme tell you something — “Breaking Bad” has been the best thing to happen to our household since S-E-X. Ahem…”S-E-X In the City,” I mean. Unfortunately for me and James, we just discovered the “Breaking Bad” series two weeks ago.


I don’t know what rock we’ve been living under since it premiered in 2008, but all I have to say is this:


Thank GOD for Netflix.


We are addicted. Most nights after dinner and dishes (and if football is not on), we sit down and watch 2 or 3 episodes until 11 or 12 at night. Sadly (for me) our “Breaking Bad” obsession hasn’t come at the best time in MY life.


1. Work has been crazy-busy. My schedule has been packed back to back with appointments and court appearances. Monday through Friday, I feel like I’m a ball in a pinball machine being whacked all over the place. I am emotionally and physically spent at the end of every work day.


2. Our two and half year old is going through some sort of “phase” that causes her to whine, make demands and throw tantrums. Every. Single. Day.


Does anybody have insight about what is going on with my once-sweet little angel? I just can’t seem to figure her out anymore. She’s making me nuts.


3. For the last few weeks, I find myself a football widow. James is glued to the TV every Sunday (all day), every Monday night, every Thursday night and every Saturday (as much as he can) for college, professional and fantasy football purposes.


I can’t blame him. I knew how much he loved football BEFORE we got married. I will say this though–it can be a lonely existence during football season.


4. Every Saturday for most of the day, James leaves me and our bambina on our own as he learns the fine art of improv comedy from instructors at the Torch Theatre. (And THAT idea was all mine, by the way.) I am very happy he is doing something creative and making new friends. I’m not so wild about the fact that we can’t do anything on a Saturday anymore because of this dang class.


So…in a nutshell, this is me lately:


Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Lonely. Feeling trapped.


I realize I have a good life. I realize people go through worse things. Still though, I can’t help how I feel.


So…this is how things started to unravel.


Since James has been otherwise occupied with football, new friends and comedy class, I have been getting more and more antsy. I have been needing something in his “absence.” I have found my will power tested to the point where finally, I just gave in.


This past Saturday when James was at his class and the baby was napping, I did it:


I got into something comfortable, let my hair down, and got cozy on the couch. For nearly three blissful hours it was just me and Walter. And Jesse. And Hank. And three episodes of “Breaking Bad.” ALONE.


What a rush.


Imagine it: Me. The remote. A hot cup of coffee. Some homemade pastry treats. And NO interruptions.


Need I say more?


I thought I could easily get away with it. My plan was just to act like it never happened. Each episode is so intense, it wasn’t going to be a problem for me to watch them all again with James.


Welp…that night when he grabbed the remote to set the TV up for a nighttime “Breaking Bad” fest, SOMEHOW our bloody DishNet TV told James that three episodes had been watched BY SOMEONE.


Me: “Maybe the baby was playing with the controls. You know how she likes to do that.”


James: “Really? That’s the best you can come up with?”


Me: Deer in the headlights look.


That told him all he needed to know. At that point, I was left with no choice but to ‘fess up. Oops.


Yep…James was a little hurt. But then I told him how I had been feeling. I explained that “Breaking Bad” is a guilty pleasure I need in my life at the moment. It is one of the only things I do for PURELY recreational purposes. The fact that I LOVE “Breaking Bad” and look forward to watching it is literally keeping me from falling off the tracks right now.


And, this is how good James is: With minimal drama, he just let me off the hook. In fact, he made it so easy on me, he was satisfied with just a summary of the three episodes I “ingested” without him so we could continue watching where I left off.


My husband forgave me.


And I promised I would never cheat on him again.


The end.



Want to know how to help keep YOUR relationship cheat-free? If so, I have something for you, my friend. This is BIG, so keep reading:


This week on the Family Law Insider podcast, Charles J. Orlando, relationship expert and bestselling author talks with me about “The Reasons Women and Men Cheat.” Charles (author of “The Problem With Women…Is Men” and frequent contributor to Self, Men’s Health and Glamour magazines) drills down the landmines in romantic relationships which often lead to cheating, AND he gives us all some ideas for keeping our relationships “cheat-free.”


The podcast will be released bright and early tomorrow morning, so you can listen on the Hernandez Family Law website (under blogs), as well as in iTunes and on Stitcher Radio. Charles is not only a genius (literally – he belongs to MENSA), but he is one cool dude. You won’t want to miss what he has to say.


Talking about “breaking bad” in relationships just reminded me of something very, very sad. This coming Sunday will be the last episode of “Breaking Bad.” No mas, amigos.


What EVER shall I do?


Now that I get to thinking…I’ve heard there’s some pretty cute guys in tights on that “Game of Thrones” show. Hmmm…I wonder if I can get James to help me fire up the Netflix on THAT ONE??? Maybe if I leave out the part about the tights…and tell him the show involves lots of sword fighting.


Sending you my wishes for a week in which you can swindle enough time for yourself to indulge in your own guilty pleasure.


All my best,



P.S. Have you jumped on the “Breaking Bad” bandwagon? Are you bummed it is ending? Do you understand why I cheated? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think about all this. And DON’T SPOIL the end of the show for me…I am still catching up with my episodes!


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