Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for “rich people with money.” In fact, every person or family with children (or assets) could benefit from having a comprehensive estate plan in place. Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider crafting your own:


1. You can provide for guardianship of your children should you die (leaving them with no other parent to care for them).


2. Your survivors will be able to avoid probate court (which is costly and public).


3. By planning wisely, you can direct how you would like your assets to pass to your survivors, as well as control the power your heirs will have over those assets.


4. You can protect the assets your survivors will gain after your death from future bankruptcy, divorce, lawsuit and creditors.


5. If you do have significant assets, an estate plan can help you minimize estate taxes after your death.


6. An estate plan which includes a revocable trust is a flexible planning tool that will allow you to direct whether and when your survivors are entitled to the assets you pass on to them, as well as the extent to which they can change the terms of the trust.


7. An estate plan will give you peace of mind that after you die, the people you love will be able to heal without having the burden of deciding how to distribute your estate.


At Hernandez Family Law, we offer a range of estate planning services which include the preparation of the following documents as part of our comprehensive plans:


Revocable Trust


Pour Over Will


Last Will and Testament


Medical Power of Attorney


Financial and Legal Power of Attorney


Living Will


HIPPA Medical Release


Consent to Treat (Babysitter) Form


Personal Property List


Burial Instructions


Deeds of Trust


Beneficiary Deeds of Trust


Hernandez Family Law’s team will review the current plan you have and place and provide recommendations about whether it needs to be updated at no charge. If you decide to create or update a comprehensive plan with us, within three weeks of our initial meeting, we will craft a flexible and  high-quality estate planning package that will give you certainty about your family’s future…and your legacy.


Contact us today for a FREE one half hour consultation about an estate planning package that is right for you.


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